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Resources – My Most Valuable Advice

Benefits Your Child Reaps from Sports

You’ve likely heard about children who have been benefiting from sports, and their parents who are very happy and proud of their achievements. But what are those benefits in particular? We know that constant physical activity is good for health, but besides that, what else?

Below are seven key benefits your child will experience when he gets involved in sports:

Healthy Lifestyle

When exercise is a part of your child’s life, he learns that it’s important to be fit. With good nutrition, this plays a central role in achieving and sustaining good health. Kids have to be physically active every day, and sports involvement is helpful in terms of meeting this need. When your child is active in sports, exercise becomes a part of his lifestyle, thus increasing their chances of becoming a healthier adult.

Higher Self-esteem

A child who realizes that he is improving at their sport will feel a sense of accomplishment. When you choose a sport for your child, you are giving him an opportunity for self-esteem building. With positive reinforcement coming from you as a parent, he will gain more confidence and develop a more encouraging view of himself.

Better Goal Setting

Goal setting and success are a package deal. Sports participation gives your child a fun and effective way to learn the skill of goal setting. He will see for himself how it works. When your child perfects this skill, he is more likely to become successful in life.

Better Teamwork Appreciation of Teamwork

Sports teach kids about teamwork and the effects of their actions on other people. If they couldn’t work in harmony with their teammates in a game they enjoy, how can they work in harmony with their future colleagues whom they may not like? This is indeed a very important lesson for them to learn.

Time Management

With extracurricular activities in your child’s schedule, he will encouraged to learn time management and prioritization. He learns that responsibilities, such as school work, must always be first. It gives them their first experience of prioritization. Then assist your child in creating a plan that lets him handle all his responsibilities well while still having time to go to sports practices and join competitions.


Errors should always be minimized in sports, but we remain human. Errors couldn’t be totally avoided. Even the most famous athletes have made the wrong decisions and made the worst plays, their mistakes are not what count. When a child learns how to manage errors, challenges and adversity in sports, he is likely to use that skill in real life situations, in which he can effectively reduce his mistakes or bad decisions and bounce back from a setback.


Positive experiences are crucial in the growth and development of any person. With sports, your child and your entire family have many opportunities for positive experiences. “Sports parents” get the chance to witness their child’s enjoyment and development as an athlete and more importantly, as a human being.

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