Common Services Offered by a Dentist

Going to the dentist is something everyone needs to do, regardless of age. Unfortunately, this is something many people put off. A dentist is a person’s partner in good oral health throughout their life.

Common Services Offered by a Dentist

In addition to providing general oral health care services, dentists provide other services, too. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common dental services here.


This is a treatment that can be used to repair teeth that are fractured, discolored, chipped, decayed, or to fix gaps present in between one or more teeth. To perform this treatment, a dentist will mix a composite resin material, which is a type of plastic, into a paste. The mixture is then tinted to match the color of a person’s teeth. Several layers of resin will be applied to each tooth and then the resin layers are hardened using a laser or ultraviolet light. The final steps include shaping and then polishing the resin material, so the finished tooth appears smooth and natural.

Root Canal

Another common dental treatment is root canals fort collins co. After a tooth is decayed, cracked or injured, it’s necessary to open it and clean out the infected tissue. The space will then be filled and the opening that was created sealed. Keeping the tooth in place will prevent the other teeth from drifting out of the proper position and resulting in jaw issues. By saving a person’s natural tooth, it doesn’t have to be replaced with an artificial tooth.

Caps or Crowns or Extractions

A cap or crown is a cover that fits over a tooth that’s been damaged because of decay, is mis-shaped, badly stained, or broken. It is prepared by the dentist and usually requires more than one visit to complete. Crowns are made out of porcelain, metal, acrylic, or porcelain that is boned to metal. An all-porcelain crown looks like a person’s natural teeth, and that’s why they are typically used for the front teeth. For teeth in the back of the mouth, white porcelain bonded to metal is used, because it is a stronger material. If a tooth is extremely damaged, it may have to be extracted. Sometimes, a permanent tooth may have to be removed for orthodontic treatment to be provided, too

Repairs Fillings and Cancer Exam

Dental repairs and fillings use restorative materials to repair teeth that have been compromised because of trauma or cavities. If a tooth is damaged, or if it has a cavity, this is the best treatment to seek. Oral cancer is a condition that begins in the cells in the throat, tongue, or mouth. A dentist can provide an oral cancer screening as a typical part of a dental exam.

Getting the Dental Care Needed

One of the best ways to ensure that a person maintains great oral health is to seek regular dental care. Doing so is going to help ensure that no serious issues occur. And to ensure that a person doesn’t prematurely lose teeth or suffer other oral health issues that may compromise their health.

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