Immunosuppression in athletes involved in heavy coaching is undoubtedly multifactorial in origin. Moderate Exercise Training – host protection and immune function; Chronic Exercise – Cross Sectional Human Studies, Longitudinal Studies, Animal studies; Acute Immune Response to Heavy Exertion; Endurance Athlete threat to Respiratory an infection and Immune Suppression.

Attenuating the IL-6 and cortisol response could be expected to restrict the exercise-induced melancholy of immune function, and this can be the mechanism that might explain the reported decrease incidence of URTI symptoms in ultramarathon runners supplemented with vitamin C (alone or together with different antioxidants) compared with placebo ( 35 , 36 ).

Furthermore, an adequate intake of iron, zinc and vitamins A, E, B6 and B12 is especially vital for the upkeep of immune function, however extra intakes of some micronutrients can also impair immune operate and have other adversarial effects on health(Gleeson ,Nieman, & Pedersen, 2004).

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