Diet program – Not Fancy Workout Machines, May Be The Key To A Match Physique

Exercising machines promise you “sculpted abs” as well as a “bikini-ready physique,” but as the majority of active fitness enthusiasts know, a diet would be the important ingredient to a terrific body.

Diet program - Not Fancy Workout Machines, May Be The Key To A Match Physique

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Experts say diet is about 80% of getting the body you want to have.

Working out and enjoying a well deserved snack is a wonderful thing and something that keeps some people on their goal. Knowing what foods to eat before a workout and planning what little treat you may have after your workout may work for you. Note – immediately following a workout, it is recommended to consume a protein shake and not high-sugary foods such as dried fruit.

Now I can admit there are some people out there that can consume 2 pieces of cake per day and drink sodas that have 6-packs, but even so, their insides are screaming due to the poor dietary choices. For those with super fast metabolisms and incredible genes, you have been blessed but cursed at the same time. Just because you can have flat abs after eating 4 slices of extra cheese pizza doesn’t mean you should. Whether you choose to eat organic foods or not, is your personal business, but the point is to consume healthy foods that compliment your fitness training.

Looking great and feeling great are two entirely different things. Living in Miami Beach for 6 years, I witnessed some of the most fit people on earth, the surgery sculpted beauty queens and the gym rats, and also the ‘skinny fat’ people. For those of you who don’t know what skinny fat means, it is someone who is very skinny due to a lack of eating, but with zero muscle tone – hence the phrase ‘skinny fat’.

If you’re looking for quick easy tips to help you stay on target with your diet, they are all over the internet. Motivated by cutting a photo out of a magazine of some fit celebrity – then stick it to your fridge. Or if that is too vain then just write down every single piece of food and every drop of liquid you eat throughout the day. The point is to do something rather than nothing. You can live better and feel better if you put effort into it.

Easy to follow diet tips

  • Consult a nutritionist and find your trouble areas and work on them
  • Write down every single thing you eat every day for a week. Then examine what you ate
  • Jot down notes of how you feel after you eat certain foods – how did those tortilla chips settle before you went to bed last night?
  • Are you eating twice as many cookies as you are vegetables – double your household amount of veggies
  • Bring lunch to work – most people will eat far less than eating out at lunch
  • Eat breakfast – you will most likely eat less junk at lunch time
  • Drink your coffee black – refined sugars and extra cream aren’t smart healthy choices
  • Limit your intake of alcohol
  • Watch your intake of refined sugars
  • Avoid high amounts of cheese late at night

Realizing you are in total control of your dietary choices is essential in sculpting those toned muscles and flat abs you are seeking.

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