Easy Tips to Save Money on Your Vitamin and Supplements

If you enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating well (and lots!) then it’s likely that you also complement this work with vitamins and supplements to help your body towards your health and fitness goals. These can range from regular vitamins to keep you healthy to supplements designed to help you recover faster after a workout or manage your digestive system.

If you do take vitamins and supplements then you know one thing; they can get expensive.  If this rings true, below are some tips to help you keep your monthly costs down.

Don’t Discount Discounts

Just like you save on baby items at the Groupon Coupons page for Babies R Us, so too can you take advantage of similar deals when it comes to your sup supplements.

Whether it’s free shipping, heavily discounted packages, or even a free item after a set number of purchases, there is a range of discounts and coupons which are available from sites like Groupon which can help you to keep your monthly supplement costs down.

Bulk Up!

While the products that you take may be expensive, they don’t take require a lot of storage space. For this reason, you can take advantage of bulk discount savings that you see advertised. While it may mean spending more upfront for your first month and a cupboard full of supplement boxes, the savings over the course of your use is significant.

When taking this option, be sure that the items are not being sold so cheap because they are about to expire. If this is the case, either be sure that you can use all of the items before they expire, or speak with like-minded friends family members about a group purchase, where you can each take advantage of the discounts.

Online Stores

If you truly care about your body then you likely want to make sure that the ingredients in your vitamins and supplements are high quality and completely natural. However, these products are often hard to find and are almost definitely always expensive when you can find them in stores. The reason these are so expensive in the store is that shelf space is precious, and the product using it needs to pay back the space it rents. This means that if the items don’t sell quickly or well, they have to charge more to recover costs.

You can avoid this and potentially open yourself up to a range of new options by looking for local suppliers in your area, or at least, a supplier who is willing to cut out the middleman and ship directly to you.

Similar to the bulk tip above, speak with your fitness friends about placing a large order, where you can each take advantage of even further discounts.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to spend your entire paycheck on your vitamins and supplements, it just means making smart choices and using tips like the ones above to help keep your costs down.

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