5 Supplements to Take During a Workout

5 Supplements to Take During a Workout


Glutamine is an amino acid found in the bloodstream. It is used by muscles for repair and growth. It helps regulate glucose and glycogen in the body, essential for recovery and muscle building. Glutamine is also a key building block of proteins.

Taking a glutamine supplement during your workout could increase your performance and prevent muscle damage.

Glutamine is best taken during and immediately after your workout. It helps your body repair damaged muscle tissue and prevents muscle breakdown. Glutamine also helps you recover faster after your workout. It also helps you build and maintain lean muscle mass.


When exercising, it is important to eat carbohydrate-rich foods to maximize your performance. While it is not recommended to consume huge amounts of carbohydrates, studies have found that a small amount is enough to see benefits. In one study, endurance athletes were given carbohydrates during an exercise session for up to 90 minutes, then performed a sprint at the end to assess the effects.

Consuming carbohydrates during a workout can improve your performance and help you maintain muscle mass. In addition to reducing muscle breakdown, carbs can also improve the intensity, duration, and volume of your workout.


Caffeine supplements help you burn fat and strengthen your muscles. They are also great for athletes. However, when taking them, you should pay attention to the dosage. The recommended daily dose is between one to two hundred milligrams, depending on body weight, for men and women. The amount you take depends on the amount of physical activity you plan to do. It is best to start with a low dosage and see how your body reacts.

Caffeine is a mild psychoactive stimulant that can help you perform better during your workouts. Studies have shown that caffeine enhances training by delaying the perception of pain, fatigue, and effort. Additionally, it works as a pollen-attracting insecticide and improves memory.


It’s very important to consume electrolytes during a workout. Without them, you may experience muscle cramps, fatigue, and even sickness. This dehydration can damage your organs and compromise the quality of your workout, which is why it’s very important to replenish electrolytes during and after your workout. The best way to determine if you’re dehydrated is to watch how much sweat you produce during your workout.

You can use electrolyte-containing drinks and tablets to help your body replace the lost electrolytes during your workout. These products contain varying levels of electrolytes, so make sure you choose the right one for your specific needs.


There are many reasons to use protein powder during a workout. Not only does it help with recovery, but it also builds muscle and burns fat. Protein contains essential amino acids, which are building blocks for muscle fibers. Protein helps transport  these nutrients to the muscle cells quickly. A good pre-workout protein powder contains at least 20 grams of protein per serving.

To get the most benefit from your protein powder, you should choose a quality brand. A good company will advertise their high-quality products and follow good manufacturing practices. Additionally, reputable companies will often use third-party certifying brands to vet their products. These third-party certifying brands buy actual protein powders off the shelves and run tests to make sure they are safe.

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